The 2016 Season is a Wrap!

The 2016 Season is a Wrap!

What a year! The Slam have finished up the 2015/16 season sitting at #2 in the Nation! This has been the most successful season in Seattle’s history as a team. Starting out the season with a 3rd place finish at Slam on the Sound, we weren’t quite sure how the season was going to go for us. Do we take the year to rebuild and just play and see how we do or do we try to make a run for Nationals? The answer came from a phone call about bringing in an import, Fabien Lavoie, a 3.0 player from the Canadian National Team. We had our high/low back from the season before along with a strong balanced line. It was what we needed to make a real run for D1 at Nationals, so we went to work. From the tournaments starting in Reno through Sectionals, we went undefeated (Vancouver Invitational isn’t included because we had a different team) and landed us a #2 seed in D1 at the National Championship in Houston.

In Houston we battled not only other teams but the heat and 2 big collision injuries to Fabien and Paul. But we pushed on and made it to the Championship game against the Stampede. Both teams sitting at 4-0, only one team could take home the Title. We started off strong and had the Stampede’s game plan figured out and grabbed a lead. But late into the first quarter, Paul was spun and hit the floor and took a picker to the shoulder. He got up and toughed through the pain but it took a toll on his performance. We fought hard through the rest of the game but it slipped away from us, leaving us with the 2nd place trophy.

Regardless of the outcome of the Championship game, we made it to the big show! I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work and heart put into this season by each and every player as well as our amazing staff keeping us rolling the whole time. The love and support we have received from our family and fans at home was mind blowing. We are truly a family with the best players, staff, fans and sponsors anyone could ask for. We hope to keep going up from here and work hard to bring a Championship back to Seattle one day!

I have to say Thank You to all of our amazing sponsors that have helped us on this journey. The USQRA, Absolute Mobility and The Raynier Foundation along with the many others who have had our back and helped our team pursue the sport we love, we couldn’t do it without you!




-Jeremy Hannaford

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